Daily Creature Thumbnails
Selin aydin creepyday4

day 4 - i found a neat brush that lets me loosen up a bit and the drawings were a lot more freeform today.

Selin aydin creepyday3

day 3 - i'm noticing how hard it is to get enough information in the drawings. my silhouettes aren't as clear as i want them to be.

Selin aydin creepyday2

day 2 - i'm having a slightly easier time letting loose and coming up with random shapes. still not remotely satisfied with the results though.

Selin aydin dark thubms

dayt 1- it's tough, i have looked at so much creepy stuff but it's so hard to come up with designs for them!

Selin aydin selin aydin creatures1
Selin aydin selin aydin selin aydin dragon8 saydin

some older creatures i did before this project

I've been working hard on trying to learn to express dark aesthetics in my art lately.
It took a lot of effort to be able to generate creepy thumbnails, totally out of my artistic comfort zone. Funny thing is I collect creepy art books and adore consuming such art but somehow never learned to create it myself. So... I finally took a step towards changing that!
I'm especially inspired by Bloodborne ^_^
I'll be adding more to these as I go.