Apex Predator Nami
Selin aydin namiskin
Selin aydin namivibes

I played with different shapes for her "regal warrior" look. My first sketch ended up being my favorite but I did take some ideas from the other sketches as well.

Selin aydin namibodydesign

Some iterations. I went with a very toned-down hairstyle to give the headpiece more room to breathe. Her chest is exposed not to show cleavage but to allow her gills to cycle oxygen for her. She has no cleavage to speak of anyway :)

Selin aydin namiweapon

Nami's staff has a particular silhouette in all her skins so I didn't want to completely stray from it. As much as I like the trident idea, her weapon needs to still look like it belongs to Nami.

Selin aydin namiskin

This is as far as I initially took the skin concept. I worked on the composition of the splash illustration for a while after this step.

Selin aydin thumbies

The main part of the contest entry is actually a splash art illustration so these are my rough thumbnails for that. I'll include the splash in this thread but the process images of the splash will be moved to a separate thread.

Selin aydin namimood

This is my contest entry for Riot's Creative Contest 2017.

In her lore, Nami has to painstakingly acquire the Abyssal Pearl and travel on land to meet with the people of the land... only to realize the hero of the Moon is missing and the humans are petty. What if, instead of relying on the land dwellers for a trade that is vital to her people but seemingly not so important to humans, she just flooded the world and took both The Abyssal Pearl and The Moonstone for herself? This is a skin that shows her at the peak of her power as the Tidecaller on top of the food chain.