Victorise Starborn, Savior of Azeroth
Selin aydin vic

rose gold is my favorite metal, and it added more color to this character rather than yellow gold. at this stage i am more concerned with clarifying materials, adding some subtle color variation and tweaking the designs slightly.

Selin aydin selin aydin final thumbs wow

Thumbnails -- my first step

Selin aydin victorise by selin aydin

first pass on the rendered concept

Selin aydin victorise

second pass -- I decided to go with winglike pauldrons and added some white elements to offset the gold.

Selin aydin victorise

i felt the shield needed more of an angelic shape as it belongs to a paladin. changed her hairstyle to be a bit more practical for battle.

My Warcraft character (Blood elf in WoW because I can't play as a high elf) that I've had for close to a decade now.
Her hammer was forged in Ironforge for her bravery in the events of WotLK. Her cloak was given to her by the Silver covenant.
Victorise was more interested in her divine studies as a former priestess of the Holy Light alongside her husband in Dalaran, though converted into a Paladin following the chaos brought upon by Arthas. Her husband was slain by the scourge and turned undead, which made her seek vengeance by bringing the wretched to justice in the name of the Holy Light.
Her aim is to bring peaceful coexistence to the races of Azeroth and ward Azeroth from its enemies.
Over the years, despite being Lawful Good in her core, she has learned that her alignment isn't the "right" way to be. The moral "greyness" of Horde taught her that even the unlikely savages can be full of wisdom.