Star Guardian Jinx Project (Fan skin for LoL)
Selin aydin jinx2
Selin aydin jinxu

to expose midriff or not to expose midriff???

Selin aydin jinx compare

Changed this design a lot to reflect her personality a lot more based on the feedback i received :) still got more work to do in terms of design but it's been fun!

Selin aydin magical girl jinx

my early draft wasn't as strong as i needed it to be. i was still a beginner in terms of concept skill.

Selin aydin thumbs

early thumbs

I made this fan skin a lookng time ago. I was inspired by Madoka Magica when I picked Jinx as the second star guardian, and seems like Riot did too :)
The Star Guardian skinline has new members now... ONE OF WHICH IS JINX! My dreams came true!