Creature Art Direction for Collab
Selin aydin t

Painted over an engine screenshot to help my teammate figure out now to paint the texture.

Selin aydin screenshot

A Work in progress screenshot from the engine

Selin aydin crea boss 021

Another paintover.

Selin aydin crea boss 020

We ended up returning to the gorilla. I painted over the proxy model.

Selin aydin crea boss 019
Selin aydin crea boss 016

totally different direction!

Selin aydin crit boss 007

Taking it farther.

Selin aydin crea boss 014

Rethinking the paths we can take on the creature.

Selin aydin crit boss 006

bottom left is another artist's first draft, thesketches are my feedback.

Selin aydin crit boss 002

thinking about how to design the creature

I was the vision holder and part-time team lead for a collaboration project sponsored by Riot games. These are some of the critiques and paintovers and design directions I've done for that project.
Zeus Juncheng Li, Jason Namgung, Jeirome Mercado, Brianna Rodenborn were the teammates that worked on this creature alongside me!