3 Day Raccoon Art Test
Selin aydin revision

Day 3 of the assignment. He is now a 49'er/prospector.

Selin aydin process

My process for the simple raccoon character. I taught myself Illustrator to do this assignment which caused me to first do a raster version on PS as a roadmap so with AI all I had to do was replicate rather than design and use a new tool at the same time.

Selin aydin illustrator

This is the vector version done in Illustrator

Selin aydin photoshop

This is the Photoshop version in raster, as a reference for the illustrator version.

This was an art test done in Illustrator and Photoshop. Spent 3 days total; one learning Illustrator and sketching my character, one actually doing the work in Illustrator, another day to turn the character into a wild west archetype.

Learned a lot and got comfortable using vector which was something I was initially daunted by. Thank you YouTube for the tutorials!