Apex Predator Nami Splash Art
Selin aydin namirework2
Selin aydin thumbs

These are the digital thumbnails I did. I also worked a bunch in my sketchbook in graphite.

Selin aydin screen shot 2018 01 27 at 02 28 12

Based on this concept I did.

Selin aydin wip

These are some of my notes before bed.

I glazed over the greyscale thumbnail and am now painting on top of the glaze. Carving out form and trying to find a color identity.

Selin aydin riot illustration3
Selin aydin riot illustration6
Selin aydin selinaydin illustration
Selin aydin namirework

This is my contest entry for Riot's Creative Contest 2017.

In her lore, Nami has to painstakingly acquire the Abyssal Pearl and travel on land to meet with the people of the land... only to realize the hero of the Moon is missing and the humans are petty. What if, instead of relying on the land dwellers for a trade that is vital to her people but seemingly not so important to humans, she just flooded the world and took both The Abyssal Pearl and The Moonstone for herself? This is a skin that shows her at the peak of her power as the Tidecaller on top of the food chain.