Star Guardian Jinx Project (Fan skin for LoL)

I made this fan skin a lookng time ago. I was inspired by Madoka Magica when I picked Jinx as the second star guardian, and seems like Riot did too :)
The Star Guardian skinline has new members now... ONE OF WHICH IS JINX! My dreams came true!

Selin aydin jinx final
Selin aydin jinx

early doodle

Selin aydin thumbs


Selin aydin magical girl jinx

mid stage

Selin aydin projectiles

weapon early pass

Selin aydin magical girl jinx

this is where i decided to change direction

Selin aydin jinx compare

i've changed this design a lot to reflect her personality a lot more based on the feedback i received :) still got more work to do in terms of design but it's been fun!

Selin aydin jinxu


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